Welcome to HeArt of Living!

A Coaching, and Training Service. I specialize in working with individuals in transition or transformation, and with people in helping professions. This site is designed to give you an overview of what I do and what you can expect. Bottomline; You can expect integrity, professionalism, encouragement, guidance, and most importantly support! I would love to accompany you on your transformative journey! As your personal guide, I will show you the way to greater personal fulfillment. I will share proven tools, techniques and resources that will lead you to "Authentic Happiness".

The Meaning Behind the Name

I can rest easy at night after...

  • working diligently -- doing something I love!
  • voluntarily giving of myself to help others.
  • providing valuable personal service for the good, growth, and gain of others.
  • supporting, encouraging and believing in others.
  • expressing deep gratitude for the privilege to provide beneficial information to others --
  • while learning and growing in the process!



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Halette M. Meyer, Ph.D.
The HeArt of Living
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