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What Retirement Success Coaching is NOT...

Relationship to Financial Planning

Retirement Success Coaching is NOT financial planning nor is it estate planning.

The Retirement Options and Success program helps you with life planning and strategy, NOT financial planning needs. While I do not provide these services I would be delighted to make the following recommendations to professional service providers.

I recommend that you contact an Investment Broker for your financial planning needs. In Arizona contact Justin Davis at AG Edwards 877/603.9743.

There are also a number of wonderful self directed approaches to creating financial stability. I recommend "True Wealth" by Joe Tye. You can reach "America's Values Coachtm" at 800/644.3889.

If you have estate planning needs such as; a living will, durable power of attorney and/or a will. I recommend that you speak with an Attorney. In Arizona contact Sarah Holcomb at Seaborne & Deguire at 928/774.4220.


Coaching assumes the presence of emotional reactions to life events and that you are capable of expressing and handling your emotions. Coaching is not psychotherapy and emotional healing is not the focus of coaching.