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What The HeArt Of Living Coaching is...

The HeArt of Living offers two coaching programs. "Authentic Happiness" and "Retirement Success". Both are offered to groups in the form of workshops and to individuals in the form of one-on-one life coaching.

The Meaning Behind the Name

Many have debated an age-old question surrounding management. Is it an art, or is it a science? I like to apply the same question mark to life. What is the best way to manage our life? Is life to be studied, investigated, observed, described, and identified, as it is in methodological research? Or is it to be experienced? Expressed, rendered, and discovered, as it is in creative expression?

My "life" question became -- "In the twilight of my life do I want to have expert knowledge of life, or have a life of expressed creativity?" My epiphany? I chose an experiential life's journey of splendor that expresses my unique gifts and talents!

I have found I am not alone. To aid me on my journey and to share my insights with others I founded The HeArt of Living. A coaching practice that allows me to synergistically express my essence: the heart of me, and at the same time, help identify what lays at the center of my clients hearts desire. This calling permits me to share the seat of my soul with others while gently and compassionately guiding them on their life's journey. Thus the name, The HeArt of Living.

Interested in exploring the things that will make your life today, and later retirement more pleasurable, more meaningful -- a good life that will ultimately bring you "Authentic Happiness"? I would love to explore with you!


"Authentic Happiness"

Authentic Happiness Coaching will change your mood and change your life!

Authentic Happiness Coaching is designed around the nationally acclaimed book "Authentic Happiness" written by Martin Seligman www.authentichappiness.com. The Authentic Happiness Coaching program has a powerful collection of documented exercises for increasing pleasure, engagement, and meaning in your life.

Right from the beginning the Authentic Happiness Coaching Program will be working and demonstrating measurable evidence of its effectiveness! You will take assessments at the beginning and at the end of our coaching relationship. This will allow you to measure changes in your ability to lead a life that is happier, more engaged, and more meaningful.

"I do not believe that you should devote overly much effort to correcting your weaknesses. Rather I believe the highest success in living and the deepest emotional success comes from building and using your signature strengths." -- Martin E. Seligman



"Retirement Success "

Retirement Success Coaching helps you plan a successful retirement.   Many folks retire and ask, "Now what?" While much emphasis is placed on financial planning little time is spent on emotional planning. Thus leaving a huge void for retirement life planning and preparation. What most people really want for themselves and their spouse is a healthy, happy, and meaningful lifestyle. Retirement coaching helps people understand fifteen retirement success factors that are instrumental to leading that lifestyle!

Retirement Success Coaching is designed around The "Retirement Success Profile" (RSP) created by Dr. Richard Johnson www.retirementoptions.com over 15 years ago which has been administered to over 20,000 individuals.

There is no "one way" to enjoy retirement. Your personal retirement plan will be as unique as your fingerprint.

www.retirement options.com