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A Sampling Of The Topics Covered

  • An Overview of Positive Psychology
  • The Pleasant Life: How To Get It And How To Share It
  • Contentment, Serenity, and Life Satisfaction;
  • Gratitude, Blessings, Grudge-breaking, and Forgiveness
  • Optimism and Hope: ABCDE, Disputing, and "Another door opens"
  • Pleasure: Savoring, Weighing Up, and Mindfulness interventions
  • The Good Life: How To Get It And How To Share It
  • The "UnDSM": VIA Strengths and Virtues
  • Finding Signature Strengths
  • Building Strengths
  • Turning Work into Flow, Using Strengths in Relationships
  • The Strengths Date
  • Parenting with Strengths
  • Testing and Building Strengths in Kids
  • Strength-based Friendships
  • Friendship Strengths
  • The Meaningful Life: How to Get It and How to Share It
  • The Fidgeting unto Death Syndrome
  • Using Your Highest Strengths in the Service of Positive Institutions
  • Building Meaning
  • Fun Versus Philanthropy, Your Mission in Life, Your Legacy to the Future