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Transforming from one career to another? To Retirement? Or to a simpler way of life... I can help.

I retired from a Fortune 500 in Phoenix, Arizona to realize a long-term goal. To relocate to the beautiful "Mountain Town" of Flagstaff. I left the private sector, by choice, and expanded my knowledge by teaching at a local college, to consult business and industry, to participate in local initiatives, and by working fulltime with a nationally known nonprofit. Further, I took a sabbatical to realize a lifelong goal, to complete my doctorate. In the process I had yet another life transforming experience. As a result I created The HeArt of Living. And, today I live in a place I love, with someone I love, in a way that I love, doing what I love. You can too!

Disability and Life Challenges

Because of my personal philosophy I have a deep willingness to help unearth one's hidden talents and to nurture your inner resources. I also have personal experience. Today I live with a permanent spinal injury. As a result I have re-crafted my personal and professional life. I work predominately from home by teleconference and I partake only in deeply meaningful activities. I have faced several other life altering disabilities and I have gained spiritual strength from each experience. As a result, I am empathetically and sympathetically aware of the hurts, pain, needs, problems, and wishes of others and I am motivated to help whenever possible. I believe we all have many strengths and much to offer!