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Are You Ready For Coaching?

Do any of these statements describe you?

  • I want to love life!
  • I want a new career.
  • I want to be happier.
  • I want to move forward.
  • I want to live my dreams.
  • I want a sense of purpose.
  • I want to take more time for myself.
  • I retired in the past year or plan to retire soon.
  • I moved to a new town, or plan to move soon.
  • I have had a significant life change due to illness or injury.

If any of these statements seem familiar, you may be ready for Authentic Happiness Life coaching and/or Retirement Success Coaching.

The Coaching Readiness Indicators include a desire for:

  • A change in life direction.
  • Increased fulfillment and meaning in life.
  • Clarity and focus about what you want in life.
  • A shift from reacting to events to being proactive.
  • Aligning your livelihood with your direction and purpose in life.
  • More satisfaction with your life and your interaction with others.
  • A move from thinking about challenges to taking positive action.
  • Setting priorities so that you have time to nurture yourself and others you care for.