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Vol. I, Issue I


Welcome to the December Newsletter
Volume I, Issue I. December, 2003

Inside: Authentic Happiness Comes to Arizona
Peak Performance: Jodi's Story
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About the HeArt of Living Organization

Many have debated an age-old question surrounding management. Is it an art, or is it a science? I like to apply the same question mark to life. What is the best way to manage our life? Is life to be studied, investigated, observed, described, and identified, as it is in methodological research? Or is it to be experienced? Expressed, rendered, and discovered, as it is in creative expression?

My "life" question became -- "In the twilight of my life do I want to have expert knowledge of life, or have a life of expressed creativity?" My epiphany? I chose an experiential life's journey of splendor that expresses my unique gifts and talents!

I have found I am not alone. To aid me on my journey and to share my insights with others I founded The HeArt of Living. A coaching practice that allows me to synergistically express my essence: the heart of me, and at the same time, help identify what lays at the center of my clients hearts desire. This calling permits me to share the seat of my soul with others while gently and compassionately guiding them on their life's journey. Thus the name, The HeArt of Living.

Interested in exploring the things that will make your life today, and later retirement more pleasurable, more meaningful -- a good life that will ultimately bring you "Authentic Happiness"?

I would love to explore with you!