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What Retirement Success Coaching Is...

Many folks retire and ask, "Now what?"  

While much emphasis is placed on financial planning and preparation for retirement, little time is spent on the emotional planning. Leaving a huge void for life planning preparation. While your financial picture is certainly important, what most people really want for themselves and their spouse is a healthy, happy, and meaningful lifestyle. Retirement Success Coaching will help you understand, the scientifically identified, fifteen retirement success factors that are instrumental in your retirement success.  

No matter what your goals are now, no matter how you wish to retire, you owe it to yourself to gather as much information as possible so you can chart your retirement course with confidence.

Retirement Success Profile (RSP)

The Retirement Success Profile (RSP) is the cornerstone of Retirement Success Coaching.   The RSP is a scientifically designed assessment tool that identifies personal retirement strengths and concerns for people currently retired or planning their retirement.   Research shows that to achieve retirement fulfillment each prospective retiree must do self-inventory work.   The RSP assessment is a customized report that offers an avenue for introspection. It is an inventory of your expectations and your present behaviors the RSP measures your readiness to move into the first phase of your retirement, whatever that may be, as well as giving you a projection of your eventual success in retirement.

A Breif Overview And History Of The Retirement Success Profile (RSP)

The Retirement Success Profile was created over 15 years ago by Dr. Richard Johnson. Over the years the RSP has been administered to over 25,000 individuals and has undergone 3 revisions. The RSP uses a scientifically designed, valid and reliable 120 item self-assessment profile instrument which measures the fifteen factors shown to be crucial for people to come to a dynamic understanding of themselves.

Your RSP Personal Profile permits you to glance into a magic mirror and catch a glimpse of your future - your "retirement reflection".   The Retirement Success Profile (RSP)© is a scientifically designed and comprehensive assessment tool that identifies your strengths and your concerns related to the 15 retirement success factors -- your retirement future.

15 Factors For Retirement 'Success'

  • Work reorientation
  • Attitude toward retirement
  • Directedness
  • Health perception
  • Financial security
  • Current life satisfaction
  • Projected life satisfaction
  • Life meaning
  • Leisure interests
  • Adaptability
  • Life stage satisfaction
  • Dependents
  • Family/relationship issues
  • Perception of age
  • Replacement of work functions

Primed with this insightful information together we will create your personal roadmap, one that will allow you to live a happy, success filled and enriching retirement life!



When Should I Start?

Assess Prior To Your First Retirement.

You can use this assessment as early at 15 or 20 years before retirement and then you can update again in 10 years, or every five years, or "check in" every year!

Or, Assess Once Your Retirement Begins.

You can use the RSP assessment to gauge where you are and to help you action plan for the future, and then you can update again every five years, or "check in" and update every year!

Cost of Service

For a nominal fee of $75.00 you receive a 23 page RSP report that discusses your...

- Present Behavior (PB) scores: Where you are right now, how you have prepared for retirement.

- Expectation (E) scores: where you want to be, along with a list of strengths to build from and focus factors to review and take action on.

A Values In Action (VIA) Signature Strengths Report

And, a one-hour Retirement Success coaching session.

What Are The Benefits Of The Retirement Success Coaching?

A powerful tool and a trained professional will ensure you achieve greater success than you normally would working alone!

To Identify Your Unique Retirement Plan

There is no "one way" to enjoy retirement. Your retirement plan will be as unique as your fingerprint.

The information contained in your RSP personal profile can be found nowhere else!   It is not simply a diagnostic tool, rather its real power lays in it ability to act as a life-planning and enlightenment device. It is designed to provide you with the most accurate, personalized, and comprehensive retirement planning information possible.

The RSP Profile:

  • Identifies your personal retirement issues.
  • Compares your retirement "scores" to thousands of others.
  • Gives you a clear picture of your retirement standing.
  • Helps you avoid costly retirement "mistakes".
  • Offers suggestions to help you formulate "next step actions".
  • Aids you crystallize your retirement vision.
  • Acts as an ongoing personal information resource.

Perhaps the greatest value lays in your heightened personal awareness of retirement success that the RSP brings to you. That insight combined with the professional support of your personal coach helps you to create a personal Retirement Success Action Plan. And together, the RSP Profile and individualized guidance form your unique meaning of retirement success!

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