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Retirement Success Coaching helps people become more aware of their deep desires and to craft a retirement experience filled with meaning and personal satisfaction. In the Retirement Success forums we work from where the participants are in their retirement planning process, towards where they want to be, offering guidance to the participants along the way -- based on their individual readiness to move into the first phase of their retirement.

We can meet as little as once to address the results of the Retirement Success Profile (RSP) or we can meet over the course of a 6, 8 or 10 week period to meet the learning goals of the Retirement Success Program. I designed the training sessions to incorporate a combination of theory and active participation. Much of the time if theory alone is taught most of the information is forgotten rapidly and never put into use.   I make the training sessions fun. When the participants are involved directly and having fun with the program they will pay attention better and remember more and achieve better results.

The Retirement Success Coaching Program

  • The history of the Retirement Success Profile (RSP).
  • Discussions and demonstrations about how to use the Retirement Success Profile (RSP) assessment.
  • Weekly Retirement Success exercises for you and/or your staff.
  • Ways to use a powerful collection of 15 Factors For Retirement Success.
  • Practice new skills with partners from your group.
  • Updates throughout the program.
  • Share insights.