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"Halette is among the most supportive persons I have met. She greets each challenge I present to her with the voice of optimism and support. I have become clear on the desires of my heart with her and understand the importance of pursuing my life dreams. Halette holds my deepest secrets and fears in confidence. The words that come to mind when I am connected with her are dignity, respect, honesty, and integrity. She honors with respect all whom she coaches. She is a dear friend and honorable colleague. She will forever be on my list as a support person and referral for those with whom I assist."

Cynthia White, CISW
Holistic Healing

"After listening to an interview with Martin Seligman on National Public Radio, I had an immediate interest in immersing myself in the "Authentic Happiness" material.   I was actually stunned when, about a year later, an acquaintance gave me Halette Meyer's business card for Authentic Happiness Coaching.   I considered the exchange a remarkable stroke of good fortune.

At first I was apprehensive about creating a good connection without meeting face to face with someone.   But Halette was offering specifically what I wanted, so I opened myself to a new way of being in relationship with another person.

When talking with Halette she gives me her total attention.   She listens and responds with compassion and clarity.   Halette draws from a broad professional, educational and personal background.   She gives me specific exercises to assist me in developing new life skills based on my personal strengths.   I value the warmth, trust and ease of our conversations.   I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to work with Halette.   Our relationship satisfies my needs for authenticity, competency, compassion , integrity and growth.  

I look forward to recommending Halette's services to others interested in moving into their hearts by utilizing their strengths."

Rachel Garmon

"When I began working with Halette, I really didn't know what to expect, since our working relationship was the result of my being awarded three months of free coaching through an organization I belong to. I'd been unemployed for a while, and was feeling generally skeptical and nervous about the future. But I was also excited about the possibilities, and decided to just plunge in to working with her to see what could develop. When we spoke on the phone initially, Halette was full of good ideas and encouragement, and she really listened to me, which impressed me and helped me a great deal. As time has passed, I've become even more impressed with her because she has been accessible, consistent, creative and responsive. But most of all, she is warm, friendly and easy to work with. She is very accessible by e-mail and phone, and I've never felt the slightest bit of regret that we weren't closer geographically. If you are looking for a very positive, very affirming and helpful person to be in your corner, you should work with Halette!"

Sandy Wiles